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Couple o' Commandments

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1 Couple o' Commandments on Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:44 am


Most things are very lax here, if you do something once, I or another admin will ask you to stop. If you do something twice, you will be banned for a short time or banned permanently depending on the offense.

1] Do not spam/double post. If you need to say more, please just edit your post/delete it and write a new one. (This rule will not be taken extremely seriously, but if you excessively post, we will be forced to ban you.)

2] No racist/sexual harassment. This rule is the most serious, and under certain circumstances can be ban-able immediately.

3] Don't spoil movies, do that inside the Spoiling Movies topic. Lol.

That's it for now, like I said, very lax rules, just stay chill and you will be alright  Smile

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